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about usAbout Us at Travelling Our Way Blog

Hello, thank you for connecting with us here at Travelling Our Way where we are travelling our way & invite you to join us on the joureny! We will share tips, ideas and travel stories of our adventures that will inspire travel you to get out there and do life your own way!

To tell you why we want to be travelling our way we have to go back a few years. In fact we have to go back 10 years when we made the life changing decision to care for my mother, Helen. She had dislocated her shoulder from a fall and wasn’t healing well. Being the only caregiver I was running to get her to appointments, make sure she was eating and caring for herself. It was an extremely stressful time. So we sat down and had the chat about us moving in to help her and hopefull make it easier for all. And hopefully it would be way less stressful.

In the beginning it was. Helen began to heal and thrive. We all felt really good.

Over 10 years caring for an aging parent many things can become stressful. And it did. In 2010, Helen moved into a Long Term Care Home where again with an easier living situation, no stairs, and 24/7 caregivers checking in to be sure she was doing ok Helen once again did great.

As this was taking place in our life there were many family situations that had started that continued to increase the stress in our lives. We hadn’t been able to heal from one thing and we were dealing with the next.

The most exciting part of all this stress was our discussions, plans and dreams about travelling our way. You know the way where we get to find ourselves again after living and being burnt our caregivers.

So this is how our journey begins. This Travelling Our Way Blog. We hope to share tips and ideas of what we learn in our travels. Share some of our more fun stories and adventures. Yet most importantly for us is to simply share our journey.

Hope you will join us as we begin Travelling Our Way. So that a littel about us and if you have any ideas, thoughts, tips and adventures you want to share in the comments section we would absolutely love to hear and be grateful.


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