Bahia-Principe Ambar Review | 3 Visits In 8 Months Here Are Our Thoughts

By | April 27, 2017

Bahia-Principe Ambar Review – Our 3 Visits In 8 Months

Bahia-Principe Ambar BlueIn July/August of 2016, we travelled to Bahia-Principe Ambar in the Dominican Republic for the first time. It had been a tough year and we really needed some time away. Now, Bahia-Principe Ambar is an adult only resort. They promote the resort as a 5 Star Luxury Resort as well.
When we arrived on this first trip it was very special. Or at least at that time, we thought so. They took us all into a special room with coffee and cookies. In this area, we met with the customer service people who had us fill in the registration paperwork and gave us our room packages.
From there we got our luggage and were off to our room in one of the concierge buses.
The weather was hot, humid and we were definitely excited to put our bags in the room and get down to the beach.
Oh no, our room was not ready even though we were told it was. In fact, our room was in the process of being cleaned. Now there was some confusion. What were they going to do with us? All we wanted was to change and go down to the beach. With some discussion, it was decided that the cleaning lady would step out for a few minutes and we would change so we could go to the beach. You could tell the lady wasn’t happy and a bit up upset. For us, it was no big deal, at the time anyway.
We were in heaven. Our room’s location was absolutely perfect. Directly across from the pool and a short walk to the beach. The main lobby and dining room were a short walk as well.
 The resort seemed beautiful to us as we walked down through the pool area and off to the ocean. As we walked down to the water we could see that spectacular Caribean sea. Oh, the colors were amazing and so inviting. We were going to have a great holiday.travelling our way
On this first trip, we really did. I came home and when people asked me about the holiday and Bahia-Principe Ambar I told them was a great holiday it was and that I was really sad to have to say that our room had an issue, potentially a really big issue that first day and night. You see there were all kinds of broken glass at the bedside. In fact, I missed stepping on the broken pieces just by luck.
We picked all the broken pieces and went to the top manager of the Bahia-Principe Ambar and they did apologize. They did send us a bottle of Rum and a couple of T-Shirts which we didn’t expect.
Other than that our first time at the Bahia-Principe Ambar was great. We found the people who work at the resort to be wonderful and helpful. The food was good.  The resort was not over packed with people and there were never any line ups for anything.
In fact, we liked the holiday so much we decided to go back to Bahia-Principe Ambar in Nov./Dec. 2016. Now, this holiday the resort had made some changes. The Ambar resort had 2 sections and this time these sections were 2 separate resorts. So, now there is a Bahia-Principe Ambar Green and Blue. The Green is farther away from the ocean.
What we did was send them an email and ask to be in the Ambar Blue. They did do this and we were put in a room with a view of the swampy area that was being prepared for construction. We could not sit outside because of the terrible swampy smell. We did accept it and just got on with the holiday.
It was a quiet vacation and there were no issues at all. This time we decided not to go to any of the Al A Carte restaurants.
Both of these 2 vacations were 1 week each.
Now our holiday this past March/April 2017 was a 12 day stay at the Bahia-Principe Ambar Blue, which was an upgrade! About $250.00 per person. This was now our 3rd time at this resort in 8 months. We asked to be in the same building as our first time and we were not. A bit disappointed.
Before I begin to list the issues we had this holiday at Bahia-Principe Ambar Blue I must remind you that this resort says it is a 5 Star Luxury Adult Only Resort.
This holiday felt like a big disappointment for us and here is why:
  •  The ceiling fan was broken and the first night we could not use it. I told one of the main bosses that the fan was broken and we were unable to use it the following morning. He came in and looked at it and started to argue with me that it was fine until I told him that this was our third time at Ambar Blue in 8 months and then he right away had someone come and fix it. 
  • The toilet was not totally 100% broken however it did run on for quite some time and so it wasn’t working well 
  • The shower drain did not drain properly so by the end of a shower the water was almost ankle deep, which is not a great way to shower! 
  • All 3 trips the beach towels were difficult to get and this time it was shameful how stained so many of the towels given to us were!  And it was again so difficult to get daily. 
  • One of the most upsetting things about this holiday was we PAID the UPGRADED PRICE to stay in Ambar Blue. Unless we got up a 7 AM to go down to the beach to reserve our chairs in either the BEACH OR POOL we could not get chairs with the “Permanent Sun Umbrella” (sorry don’t know what they are called, They are wood structures with a hanger, a table, and a thatch roof to protect from the sun). These seemed to be mostly taken by the people staying in Ambar Green which is the cheaper of the Ambar – remember I said we paid the UPGRADED PRICE.  In fact, they provided a shuttle service for the Ambar Green people to get to the beach. This was very upsetting that people who paid less than us were getting the prime beach chairs right at the ocean. Some of these people would reserve many chairs and yet not show up till noon. There were a couple of days that we had to sit without the Sun UmbrellaBahia-Principe Ambar
  • The same thing for the pool. One day we could only get chairs and a sun hut at the pool (nothing available at the beach) and the people beside us who put their towel on chairs didn’t show up until after lunch and they were from Ambar GREEN where in fact they have their own beautiful pool. 
  • And again we paid more? And feel that we didn’t get anything special or upgraded for the money we paid
  • It was also a challenge in the evenings in the main buffet because so many Ambar Green people were there. 
  • One night, in fact, we were packed in like sardines because there was no seating and the main buffet was so jammed. It was overwhelming with people we could not get to the food, could barely move we had to just wait at our table for a half hour for it to slow down a bit and we still couldn’t really get to the food. I ate only meat that evening because I couldn’t get to the veggies it was so crowded. 
  • The resort offers room service and we ordered coffee for our room for each morning. Now, this turned into quite a fiasco because it either didn’t show up, or we got food we didn’t order. We spoke with customer service and the fellow did all he could to get us coffee and we also spoke with the main boss Oscar and it was still a fiasco. Why offer a service that can not be provided to clients in a proper way? 
  • We ate at Rodizio one night and as we were finishing our meal a RAT went by us about 10 feet away from where we were sitting. And it was a big one. I can tell you I didn’t sleep at all that night I was so upset. 
  • It was challenging to get water for the first few days. We could only get small bottles and we drink a lot of water! 
  • The mini bar was not filled daily 

The biggest issue on our most recent trip was the upgraded price with no benefits was that when we spoke to the 2nd in command of the resort he acknowledged that it was a problem and said he would get back to us and we are still waiting. He saw us every day and he turned his head the other way in what appeared to be avoiding us. Not cool!

It makes me kind of sad to write this Bahia-Principe Ambar Review. You see by now we have met a number of people who work there and it is really wonderful to reconnect each time. This is one of the reasons we went back 3 times. We keep in touch with some of them to this day. That is one of the best things about travel. The folks you meet along the way.

There you have it our Bahia-Principe Ambar Review.


Bahia-Principe Ambar Review - Our 3 Visits In 8 Months
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Bahia-Principe Ambar Review - Our 3 Visits In 8 Months
Bahia-Principe Ambar Review - Our 3 Visits In 8 Months. We break down the 3 visits and the straw that broke the camels back. Check it out here
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