Melia Hotel Cuba So Disappointing

By | April 20, 2015

Melia Hotel Cuba So Disappointing

We are so disappointed with our Melia Hotel Cuba Jardine Del Rey experience, in fact this was the worst holiday ever. Let me share why.

My mother passed away in January of this year. Having a parent pass away all by itself can be a sad journey and for me it has been much more than that because of all kinds of other family issues that I won’t get into here. All I can say is I did not know a human being could get as low as I was because of all that I had been through.

So to say that this holiday was important to me would be an under statement. This holiday was almost as important as getting food, water and breathing to me.

Now generally when we travel, we stay in smaller hotels with less of the luxuries. In fact we were lucky to spend a month in Spain last year and stayed in many smaller 2.5 – 3 star hotels that were fantastic. Nothing was ever to much to ask in any of these properties.

And because of the shape we were in and what we had been through over the past few months, the decision was made that we were going to go 5 star. We wanted the Royal treatment. Luxury. Great food, Great amenities. Super Fantastic Beach.

When we were in touch with the travel agent, it was suggested to us that we go to the Melia Jardines Del Rey as it was a new luxury 5 star in Caya Coco, Cuba. So we booked it and were looking forward to going.

What I can tell you now is this was the worst holiday I have ever been on. There was nothing 5 star about this property. Here is why:

  • We were not able to get pool towels, so we used bath towels at the beach and pool
  • We felt the beach was ok, however there was a constant smell from all the seaweed that is raked up just each day and left on the beach
  • We had no water for a shower on our first full day at this property
  • And because we had used our bath towels at the beach we had to use the small hand towels after shower on the first day
  • The shower would not drain, so each time we used it the water would pool and leak over to the bathroom floor
  • The first afternoon we were there we went for a nap around 3pm and the noise from the pool, music, speaking on mic was so loud with our door closed we never got to sleep.
  • The food was fair at best and it got much worse over the week.
  • The first specialty restaurant we went to which was the Cuban restaurant was so horrible we cancelled the other two evenings.
  • There was never enough water. Only one bottle per room per day. We each drink at least two bottles of water per day so this was no where enough water for us.
  • We had to go to customer service each day and if only one of us went in they would only give us one bottle of water.
  • We asked for sparkling water and were told there was none on the property, then we were able to find some.
  • We asked for sparkling water after that at customer service to be sent to our room and NONE ever showed up.
  • We had no power for at least 6 hours in our room
  • There was a lot of chaos in the dining area, especially on the patio – the tables were never cleared and ready for use after another guest had left
  • Each meal we had to wait for table to be cleared and cutlery to eat
  • And the worst thing was an old bomber plane would fly extremely low, like I mean extremely low over the property and spray with bug spray. When we first saw the bomber plane, well actually we heard it before was saw it, we thought it was quite quaint however we had no idea what was going on. Then the two mornings later it occured to me that they were spraying some kind of toxin over the property because of the extremely low height of the plane. It was this morning as we were sitting around the pool, with lots of babies, small kids and older adults it occured to me what was going on. It was at this time I got a mouthful of spray because of the winds, the low flying height of the plane and EVERYTHING made sense at that moment.
  • What I mean is this, we arrived Saturday evening and from Sunday morning my eyes hurt, were quite red, I had a brutal headache, and for the most part felt like I was going to vomit.
  • We have a Melia points card and this Melia Jardines Del Rey property would not allow us to get points for this stay???????? Just terrible
  • And we had to pay for wifi in a 5 star resort?

So, like I said when I began this post, this was the worst holiday I have ever been on. At a time when I was in need of a beautiful time away to renew what we got was anything but that.

We were told that the property had just opened and when booking we felt this was a good thing, in fact we went to a property in Holguin a few years back that was awesome! Melia

What we really liked about this time away was the beautiful people we had the chance to meet and connect with. Both the Cuban people working at the resort ( a few of the people we met were simply amazing) and the other Canadian guests we had a chance to chat with.

I would not recommend this Melia Hotel at all, ever.  In today’s world there are many businesses that want our business and do all that they can do to provide amazing service. This Melia Hotel did nothing at all to provide good service.

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Melia Hotel Cuba So Disappointing
We are so disappointed with our Melia Hotel Cuba Jardine Del Rey experience, in fact this was the worst holiday ever. Let me share why.
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