Travelling Our Way – Welcome To Our Adventures!

By | July 23, 2015

Welcome To Travelling Our Way – Adventure Begins

We so want to welcome you to Travelling Our Way Blog. This is our first post as we begin to make our plans of travelling our way, seeing the world or maybe just our neighborhood and sharing those adventures with you.

Because we definitely enjoy a great adventure. Whether it be getting in the car to undiscovered areas close to where we live or by getting on a plane to a new country.

We are certainly not sure where this travelling adventure is going to take us however we are excited about the possibilities of what is to come from travelling our way.

The reason we picked the name travelling our way is because we seem to march to a different drummer than most when it comes to travel. We are not enthusiastic about line ups, museums and most other tourist sites.

We enjoy nature, hiking, and being a part of local culture. We absolutely enjoy a great meal, locally grown food, organic when possible. It makes our heart sing to enjoy this kind of dining experience.

Getting out and walking the city scape or finding a hidden nature path is what feeds our souls.

Here are a few examples of some of Travelling Our Way on our most recent hikes:

travelling our way


A beautiful sunny winter day, the birds easily coming to feed right our of Izabela’s hand. So fun and enjoyable at The Royal Botanical Gardens.

And we spent time up in northern Ontario, enjoying time at the lake. Well actually we spent most of our time working however we took some time to enjoy the sunset on purpose! Because that is what life is about, right?



And there is always time for a spectacular sunset. We once stopped the car on the Autobahn to take a spectacular sunset photo! Why not?


sunsetsSo thanks for connecting with us here at Travelling Our Way. If you have any ideas, tips or adventures please go ahead and share them in the comments.

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