Conscious Travelling? Join Me!

By | May 1, 2015

travellingConscious Travelling? Join Me!

Do you enjoy conscious travelling? What I mean is this, if you would like travelling without fear of catching a cold from the person next to you, or step off an international flight without feeling achy and exhausted… then this blog post is one you don’t want to pass over!

Let me explain…

My good friend, Dr. Robyn Benson is launching a ground-breaking (world’s first!) online Summit called

The Healthy Traveller’s Global Summit which brings together 30 highly-respected, heart-centered medical experts who share their vast expertise about how to travel consciously.

 (A topic we could all use a little more awareness about, right?)

The Summit it now open for you to RSVP and claim your spot in what I believe will be one of the biggest events of the year.

Registration is simple. You’ll go to and signup for free. When you do, you’ll instantly download more than $1500 of bonuses (including access to a private Facebook Group where all of the Summit speakers and participants can connect).

The Summit officially launches May 1st, and when it does, you’ll get access to more than 30 interviews on topics including:

  • The 8 pathways to healthy travel to increase and sustain your energy, focus, and overall happiness
  • “WOW” insight into how to avoid parasites and other bugs when you travel
  • Exposed, the undervalued critical self-care tips to implement before you ever set foot on a plane
  • Learn the magic of Myers cocktails, PEMF, Bioshields, protective clothes, ozone therapy and other travel wise health technologies
  • Finally learn the best strategies for travelling with your children and loved ones

…and obviously much more than I should share in this email.

I encourage you to RSVP for the Summit today, but more, help me share this wonderful event on social media so more travellers can learn this “must-know” safety tips.

 PS. I know you’re busy and have lots of areas to place your attention, but if you just take a minute to RSVP for the Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit you’ll learn how to protect yourself and your family which is a great use of your time. Come join me and RSVP today!


PS: Sign up to become an affiliate of the Healthy Traveler’s Global Summit get commissions sharing this love of healthy travelling event! Learn More 




Conscious Travelling? Join Me!
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Conscious Travelling? Join Me!
If you like travelling without fear of catching a cold from the person next to you, or step off an inter'l flight without feeling achy & exhausted… join me
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